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it -- it should not be included in your credit score. i think the chair of the subcommittee, senator brown for cosponsoring that. i want to ask about your sense of this. i want to enter several things into the record. i would like the letter that was sent to richard cory, his response back to us, the support letter from a broad coalition including the national home builders association, the medical association, consumers union and two articles from the ap and the new york times. if i could enter those things into the record, i would appreciate it. i wanted to get your perspectives on this. in your recent report you cite research showing 40% of credit disputes are related to collections, events. before we jump into that piece of it, over all, this issue of the complexity of medical that and resolving it, whether it is a good predictor or whether it should be part of the credit reporting system. >> i appreciate your bringing this issue up. it is definitely a source of concern. the fact that collections items are disputed at high rates is not a surprise. -information's its disputed more often
their attention to some of these key states. >> what did you learn today? >> that jerry brown will run for reelection. he is one of three governors who has ever served as both the young as governor of their state and the oldest. he is not going anywhere. if he is an office, maybe we will see a clinton/brown rematch. >> the democrats are not so optimistic about new jersey. they are optimistic about virginia. sandy seemed to be pretty good thing for chris christie. >> the attorney general who typically in virginia waits his turn and then ms. of tulips and the governor has decided to run for governor. -- and then goes up for governor has decided to run. he is not happy about this. he is thinking about running as an independent. that would all but guaranteed the former democratic national committee chairman of the governor of virginia. if you had some of the five years ago i would probably have called you nouts. >> wisconsin, scott walker is coming out of the successful recall. he has talked about as a very high presidential hopeful for 2016. president obama have a pretty sizable victory i
knowledge brown's rule of law. how do we pack its ongoing efforts -- around rule of law. how do we pack its ongoing efforts that will yield real benefits -- package ongoing efforts that will yield real benefits? each speaker will take 15 minutes for a presentation, after which we will have a conversation and use a few moments to open it up to the audience. it is a great honor and privilege to turn the floor over to the professors. we will just go in that order is that will be ok. bill, we will start with you. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, ambassador huntsman, for the introduction and for your superb service to our nation in beijing. i would like to say john thornton, cheng li and jerome cohen for this series. for bringing he weifang to the broader international audience, you are enriching the knowledge of china. thank you very much. it is fitting that he weifang should be the first person from the world of law in this series. he is somebody of incredible courage, which, incisiveness, and preach against -- prescience. i cherished member -- memories from harvard where we had a
car or natural gas-powered car and you see what happens. senator brown alexander has been a real leader in this and he even has an electric car. he is going the distance here, walking the walk. that's the kind of thing government can do. government can do a lot on the regulatory side to slow things down if you forget to have effective cost-benefit analysis, but it can do a lot on the project side to really find something that works and the community becomes the laboratory for change and that others can then model. you do not have to do it everywhere and if you can show in water to a location that there really work. that is the driving force behind the idea of that lamar has been a significant spokesperson for. >> do like that car? >> i do like it. i have driven my leaf. i live in this building in a plug in the wall when i go home at night. that's all i have to do. deployment communities are a good idea. sometimes the government can have a demonstration project that makes a difference. they did a hydraulic factory and we have had fracking are around forever. three things made a di
joined by the former government chief when the labour party was in office nick browne. the member of parliament. it's great to have you here. thank you for coming. to oppose the motion, i call from the east of england. [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. we are here for one reason. to make contain and empower the young people that we so proudly represent. but, -- the parliament campaign for the next year to be made public transport better, and acceptable for both. we are not giving the young people that we have -- [inaudible] the justice they deserve. [inaudible] have been the campaign for the last year. we have not achieved the goal of making transport cheaper, better, and exceptional. so this year, let's pay that is more assessable to be reached. which one question impact instead of continually -- [inaudible] our campaign year after year. we are here to make contain -- [inaudible] campaign that is not reachable. in apartmentment we are protect our youth services and civilities. we continue to see -- [inaudible] local governments and local consulates to keep these facilities. s
it takes. i have not gone over losing the browns to baltimore. 40 years might do it. now go tto we now kno mr. quiqley. >> i appreciate your having this hearing. those watching this know the house has a history of hearings about performance enhancing drugs in sports. some of them famous, some of them intimist. what struck me in looking at this meeting was that he used to be major league baseball was behind. now it is the only major sport testing for hgh . if the mlb can agree, it makes no sense to me that the nfl can't as well. i want to go in the weeds a little bit, but when you take hgh is in a sequence. you are on it for a while and in your office for a while. i would like a little nuance what that means as to why one is preferred given there is a gap. >> well, there is not a preference for one versus the other. they are complementary. when we get them validated, we will use both of them. a good example was we had the bile markers test used at the games in london this summer. two athletes tested positive by the buyer markers test and did not test positive by the other test. the reason w
week, it was lucy and charlie brown. we did the same thing in the last that sivan agreement. -- debt ceiling agreement. that is something we will be pushing to do in the context of this debate, but also in the context of what i hope will be a debt ceiling debate that takes place in february and march of next year. >> let me follow the question with a related one. it is one thing to stand up to the president. when we look at the way government spending, as a percentage of gdp has risen more under republicans and democrats, how can we do with that a little bit better? >> we have done this the last three years of the republican study committee. we actually put out an alternative budget. we believe by putting out a budget that shows a path to balance in a reasonable time -- our last one balanced in 5.5 years, according to the cbo. the budget we passed -- that gives us a better chance to market that. i think that is part of the vision, how this is going to help your family, your community, if we get to balance what that means for opportunity, for growth. >> it is an important point. i cam
and john brown. during the 1994 health reform debate to reach the political divide. after he passed away, we thought it was imperative that we revive the coalition to help the bipartisanship following the divisiveness of the senate impeachment trial. following the landmark supreme court ruling in bush vs. gore that adjudicated the presidential election and evenly split senate with 50 republicans and 50 democrats, senate leaders joined with nearly one- third of the senate at a meeting of the centrist coalition to explore how to move forward in a bipartisan fashion. it is precisely this kind of approach that is crucial, madam president. it is only when we minimize the political barriers that we can maximize the senate allowing it to become an unparalleled incubator for results that truly matter to the american people. it was a cross aisle alliance that produced the program that was a rewrite of the telecommunications act for the first time. this was a landmark law insuring every library in classroom in america would be wired to the revolutionary resources of the internet which one publicat
brown and does not char. >> thank you for being such a rock star engineer. i really look up to that. you have spoken this whole evening about inspiration and the fact that everyone that you look up to was inspired at some time. i wonder if you have your own branch whose sole purpose is to inspire youth? >> you know, i am very familiar. i was judged at the first u.s. first competition. i was invited to be a judge and the competition was just too high schools in manchester the first year. so i am very familiar and supportive of that. i gave a talk at a brand new charter school in my home town where they are starting off kids with robotics between the ages of 6 and 13. boy, are they excited to go to school. let's see. the big problem that we had that we never could even do a student summer co-op program -- the problem is, our company was so small that it was hard for us to build barriers from one project to another. everyone of them essentially is nonpublic. richard branson's program, he tells everyone about it. in almost every other program, they don't want to leave that information. if yo
. a couple main thoughts on this. brown had a very interesting article, the title was just because mohammed morsi is paranoid doesn't mean he doesn't have real enemies. so yes the brotherhood is very paranoid. but there were certain elements of the deep state primarily the judiciary that were out to really damage the brotherhood's standing in society. and there is evidence for that and that is what already happened the dissolution of parliament. and i think that to me was one of the worst moments and one of the most dangerous of the transition because it fed into the brotherhood's narrative that the world will not let them win in elections and govern. the memory of aljeera shapes everything that they do. and we can disagree whether or not these fears are legitimate. but that's the way they see the world around them. my hope is that if they feel more secure, if some of those threats can be removed the judiciary plays a less politicized role, a more independent role then maybe they'll be able to take a step back. i don't know. we'll have to wait and see. but i think that would be the hope. no
you for your service. i also want to thank ms. brown for her leadership. and her staunch advocacy for the rail system and particularly amtrak. i could not let the moment ago by again without expressing disagreement with you with regard to unions. unions are very important it was unions that allowed my parents to raise seven children and as former sharecroppers with only a second grade education, and to extend to college and allow me to be a member of the congress, it was unions. i will fight until i die the for the strength of unions because they play a significanrole. as a representative from maryland, i know how critical the northeast quarter is to ensuring mobility. the corridor is critical and hosts many rail lines, and every year, 11 million passengers, our constituents, ride amtrak in the northeast corridor. the company last week was told it is only expected to increase the population growth. is that not wonderful? it is not as fast as we need. we need modern, high-speed rail service. we need it in the northeast corridor. i remind us this is america, the greatest country in
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11